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internal__plugin-state package


FocusableChildDescribes a child document
StateTypeDescribes the states of a [[Plugin]]. Please note that a state type will be recreated in every render.
StoreDeserializeHelpersHelpers to be used by a [[StateType]] when working with a serialized state
StoreSerializeHelpersHelpers to be used by a [[StateType]] when working with a deserialized state

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
StateExecutorDescribes an asynchronous state update
StateTypeReturnTypeMaps a [[StateType]] to the type of its public API for usage in plugin components
StateTypeSerializedTypeMaps a [[StateType]] to the type of its serialized state
StateTypeValueTypeMaps a [[StateType]] to the type of its deserialized state
StateUpdaterAn updater will get called with the current state and helpers and should return the new state