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internal__plugin-toolbar package

Defines the Interface for the plugin toolbar (INTERNAL)


This is an internal package. You should use the re-exports defined in `@edtr-io/plugin-toolbar` instead.


OverlayButtonProps(BETA) The props for OverlayButton
OverlayCheckboxProps(BETA) The props for OverlayCheckbox
OverlayInputProps(BETA) The props for OverlayInput
OverlaySelectProps(BETA) The props for OverlaySelect
OverlayTextareaProps(BETA) The props for OverlayTextarea
PluginToolbar(BETA) Describes the available components for the plugin toolbar
PluginToolbarButtonProps(BETA) The props for PluginToolbarButton
PluginToolbarOverlayButtonProps(BETA) The props for PluginToolbarOverlayButton