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createRendererUiTheme() function

Creates a function that maps RendererThemeProps to the current theme of the specified renderer UI component

export declare function createRendererUiTheme<K extends keyof RendererUiTheme>(
  key: K,
  createDefaultTheme: RendererUiThemeFactory<K>
): (theme: {
  renderer: RendererTheme
  rendererUi: DeepPartial<RendererUiTheme>
}) => RendererUiTheme[K]


keyKThe renderer UI component
createDefaultThemeRendererUiThemeFactory<K>The factory for the default theme

(theme: { renderer: RendererTheme; rendererUi: DeepPartial<RendererUiTheme>; }) => RendererUiTheme[K]

A function that accepts RendererThemeProps and returns the current theme of the specified component